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What is Powernormaal?

I started Powernormaal back in 2020 to introduce others to the emotional wisdom in themselves. To facilitate this, I use my passion for music, the healing effects of energy and frequencies, consciousness and personal growth. Through Powernormaal, I release music independently, I help with trauma processing and I coach and train young adults to participate in ‘the new creation’ of life on Earth. Every now and then, I write a blog (Dutch) about personal development.

Powernormaal is my unique way of creating positive energy through the power of vulnerability and feeling what deep down (in the physical body) wants to be felt. This positive impact manifests itself in a state of peace, grace, connection, intimacy, tenderness and a deeper sense of wholeness. From this positive energy, I make music and help with trauma processing & coaching.

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For whom?

Powernormaal is intended for (highly) sensitive young adults who regularly get stuck in society. Are you curious about living from inspiration and a deeper connection with yourself, but you aren’t sure how and where to start? Do you like hands-on, no-nonsense personal development with a playful and friendly approach? Then you’ve come to the right place – I gladly participate in your personal growth.

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Powernormaal as a word stands for the awareness, recognition and normalization of life from inner strength, as a standard and compass for one’s daily existence. A modus operandi beyond the dictates of the polarized ego; living in harmony with the pure essence of the soul. Experiencing life from the heart in connection with nature and the wholeness of existence. In short: finding it normal to live from inspiration – in-spirit.


I believe that man is incredibly wise and powerful. Not just mentally or intellectually, but on a deeper level of consciousness within oneself. The human body, for example, often knows things instantly intuitively before the rational mind does. The latter requiring an intellectual understanding through sluggish thinking processes. This intuitive, wise power has always been natural to me. Especially the wisdom of feeling. That is why it appeals to me greatly to help discover and develop this emotional wisdom in others.

I believe that no one else can play the role you are playing in your current life. That role is unique to you. You are the power to live your life inspired. I’d love to help you discover how that feels like.

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“Genes are not destiny. The character of our life is based upon how we perceive it.” ~ Bruce Lipton

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Who am I | Bernd

Even as a child, I’ve always felt an enormous passion for consciousness and in particular being of service to the self-realization and enlightenment of my fellow man. I have experienced a very strong spiritual connection with more than I can see with ‘just’ my physical eyes throughout my entire life. Yet, I have found it greatly challenging being confident enough to truly accept this for many years. To dare to feel and to be vulnerable.

Through an ever-continuing process of self-discovery, and due to much trial and error, I’ve learned to be more and more aware of myself with every passing day. Especially due to my own pitfalls, beliefs and ego-identifications. After my education at the end of 2016, I quickly realised that I was far from learned. I had yet to learn a great deal more about myself. During the years that followed I got stuck in life almost constantly. I chose the false security of a fixed income, did work that didn’t suit me and I surrounded myself with people who impacted me negatively. This made me feel greatly dissatisfied with myself and my life. It felt like I was living a mere shadow of myself, leaving my inner strength and potential mostly untouched.

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“To feel is to understand.” ~ Wim hof

When, despite hard work and passionate commitment, I was eventually fired from a job that made me feel unhappy, the space to rediscover myself opened up. It felt great to finally allow myself to feel again. This activated a lot of pent-up energy that needed to be worked through and released. I remembered how to pay more conscious attention to my inner world, as opposed to having been used to making myself dependent on the outer world – especially the constructions of my ego. For the first time in my life, I learned to feel safe and at peace with my inner-self. A big relief! I had never been able to do this before. Because of this sensation and lifestyle choice (i.e. modus operandi), I noticed unequivocally that when I choose to live in alignment with my intuition and inspiration, my life manifests flawlessly and without resistance.

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